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Managing eLearning Projects
Just Got Way Easier

eMA Bootcamp
Everything You Need to Succeed

Created for 
Non-Training Professionals
Tasked with Delivering Online Training



..Starting a New eLearning Project? 
Stuck in a Current Project?

Let’s Talk.

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Project Management Institute (PMI)
“Elearning projects are at a high risk for delays and cost overruns because they’re complex to manage.” 

“Only 2.5% of companies complete all the projects they set out to do, and about 1 in 6 projects had a cost overrun of 200% or more.” 

The Problem is..
You Don't Know What You Don't Know.

It's a difficult career situation when you're assigned an eLearning project
 you can’t say NO to your boss.  BUT THEN you start thinking...

> I don't know anything about training development!
> How am I going to actually get this done?  Who can help me?
> Will I have time to get my REAL job done?

Suddenly you're on OVERLOAD.  
Houston, We Have a Problem!

Quit Guessing.
Here’s The 9-Step Plan

The PATH To Sucess

Get a clear path from concept (Point A) to launch (Point B). Use this simple graphic to quickly communicate the entire process. 

Each square represents a specific set of tasks and activities to complete to MANAGE the process. For example, the mouse icon represents  50+ Tasks and 150+ Activities to complete in a typical eLearning project.  You can’t just wing it or try to remember all of the steps. Got eLearning project? Get the eMA Bootcamp 9-Step Plan.

According to the PMI, “Expert NON training estimates are optimistic, on average = 30% under-estimation.”  Can you afford to under-estimate your project and then ask for more project money?  With the 9-Step Plan estimating becomes: Quick. Easy. Results. 

Meet The Author

Hello, my name is V. Karen Miller   (Connect with me on LInkedin)  eMA Bootcamp is the essence of  25+ years “best practices”  working with non-training clients to consistently deliver custom eLearning programs on-time and budget.

As a third-generation educator, I have a PASSION for teaching with technology. I turned my master’s degree in Educational Technology from Texas A&M University into  eLearning career. 

In 2001, I founded Design2Train in The Woodlands, TX (just north of Houston). We offer instructional design consulting and are a  full-service instructional design agency.   

eMA Bootcamp is the answer to eLearning Project Management success. 

Look at These Titles 

  • Sales Account Manager
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Engineering Project Manager
  • Airport Director
  • Mortgage Servicing Manager
  • Health Care Sales Director
  • Property & Casualty VP
  • Risk Assessment Manager
  • Subsea Engineering Lead
  • Transportation Management Engineer

NONE are training professionals, ALL were clients who successfully managed eLearning projects with our team.

Tasked with a business critical eLearning project?
You Need This Program. 

Actual eMA Bootcamp Design Phase Video on

SME Roles & Responsibilities 

(eMA Bootcamp contains 30+ training videos)


What’s The Plan Secret?  Do the Two-Step
with Game-Changing Checklists

Step 1: Follow the Checklists
Step 2: Complete the Tasks

Game Changing Checklists identify 50+ Tasks and 150+ Activities.
Follow the Checklists Step-by-Step to Deliver On-Time and SAVE 50% on Staff Time and Production Costs

SAVE $$$ on Your First Project
GoodBye SWAG 

According to PMI, A realistic estimate is one of the most important conditions for a successful project.”

Get your project scoped completed and signed off in the Design Phase before accepting training development bids. Use a two-contract system to save production costs and costly re-work.  Be successful, Get eMA Bootcamp on your side.

What are SWAG Bids? 
SWAG = Silly Wild A$$ Guesses that artificially inflate the cost of projects.

SWAG bids take advantage of inexperienced project managers who don’t know what they are doing and invariably cause a bunch of re-work.  To cover for extra hours training companies puff up bids by adding thousands of extra dollars to ensure they still make a profit.  Can you blame them?  You don’t have to pay for SWAG, once you know how to avoid it FOREVER.

How do you stop SWAG Bids?  It’s easy… We recommend and show you how to implement a two-contract project system.  This is just working smarter, not harder. (Common sense in action)  Put Best Practices to work on your Day One. 

Follow the eMA Bootcamp 9-Step Plan. 
Save time, money, your weekends, your career, and your sanity.

A Positive ROI (Return on Investment)

Follow the System

You can easily recapture a ROI of $5K-25K* on your first project.
*Based on an 8-hr project, by working smarter by following the system and avoiding SWAG bids.

Track Team Hours and Tasks
Use the Timeline & Milestones Excel spreadsheet to track tasks and activities. It’s color coded to match the Checklists.

Structured Yet Flexible
 We teach a proven process. You have freedom to choose your team, use existing company tools and resources.  
eMA Bootcamp is structured yet flexible to meet your specific needs. 

And Your ROI Just Improved…
Get a better ROI when you re-use the system on future projects. We call it, Rinse and Repeat. Once you and your team have the process down, it’s easy to repeat your success over and over again.

And Your Knowledge Doesn’t Disappear…
Let’s say you only deliver a project once a quarter, no worries!  You have all of the documentation and your process ready-to-go. Get the band back together and get moving on that next project quickly with confidence.

When Can You Start? TODAY!

Ready, Set, GO
in Two Short Sessions

Quick Start MethodQuick Start is focused on the-Step Design Phase. Learn via self-paced training, LIVE QS Training, Weekly Group Q/A Coaching Calls, and Personal Consulting.

Quick Start Agenda
First Session: 9-Step Plan Overview and working Bootcamp to your advantage.  Get familiar with included: checklists, templates, worksheets, and matrices. 

Second Session: Identifying and contracting with an experienced eLearning Instructional Designer, who you will Tag-Team through the project.

Avoid Embarrassing Costly Newbie Mistakes 

Save time and money on your first project.

Choose the eMA Bootcamp investment option that best meets your needs. 
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