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Session 1-1A: Welcome

Welcome to the first session of the eMA Bootcamp. 
We are so glad you are here. To get the most from your experience:
• Create an eMA Bootcamp folder on your desktop
• Go through sessions in sequence for best results
• Download and print the Syllabus, as a progress guide
• Read the Quick Start and Traditional descriptions

Where are the Video Lessons & Information Located?
Look below. Click each tab to read information, download documents, or view videos.

How Do I Access Other Sessions? 
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OR  From the top menu, click Member Access, select Project Phase to reveal Sessions


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eMA Bootcamp Syllabus

> eMA Bootcamp Syllabus – an overview of the program elements (documents and video instruction)

What is the Quick Start Method?
Get going on the project by focusing all attention on the Design Phase.   Once you have prepared the Statement of Work propsal for training bids, it’s the right time to begin review of the Development and Deployment phases.  

Submit your question for the next Weekly Q/A Coaching Call.

NOTE: Reviewing the Design Phase will take about three hours. Once you have gone through it, then it is time to select your eLearning Instructional Designer (ID) (selecting from internal staff or an outside consultant). This ID is critical to the success of this project.  You will work together as a “tag team” by completing your first task of setting up the project team. Then you and the ID will then spend time working with your SMEs to gather information. Finally you will work together to prepare the four key Design Phase deliverable documents: Timeline & Milestones, Statement of Work, Project Plan, and Course Outline.

Taking the Traditional Learning or “Big Picture” Approach:
• Review the entire program content (all four phases) and download all documents.
• When you are ready to get started with your eLearning project, begin at the Design Phase.

NOTE: This option will initially take longer. Plan on spending over four hours reviewing the entire Bootcamp program , but you will have insight into the “big picture” and the entire process. You may find this is a better approach, especially if you are totally new to eLearning project management and you want to become familiar with everything before starting your own project.

     Follow the system. You may earn “red-capeSuper Hero status for your efforts.


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