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Session 1-2: Key Project People

This session addresses the key people including those known as stakeholders that you will select to add value to the program. Stakeholders provide special information or services to create the eLearning program content. You will typically meet with stakeholders multiple times or on a regular ongoing basis. 

The purpose of this session is to help you identify, secure and keep all key project people “in the know”, define and share their project specific roles and responsibilities.

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Download and store the files in the eMA Bootcamp desktop folder for quick reference.

NOTE:  We have consolidated all of the interview documents (Marketing, Training, LMS Admin, Legal Team) into one PDF.

> 1-2: All Interview Documents (Word) 
> 1-2: People Connections Checklist (Word) 

Definition: SCORM = Sharable Content Object Reference Model When you start talking about eLearning, you will hear the term SCORM.  What is it? SCORM is an industry standard computer language used by learning management systems (LMS) to share data elements between eLearning programs so the LMS can store the information and use it later for reporting. Examples of shared LMS data include student records (name, email, company number) and individual responses on quizzes or surveys. The final eLearning product needs to be SCORM compatible so that your program “talks” to the LMS.


Here is a YouTube link you can share with the SMEs prior to the Stakeholder Kickoff Meeting, since they will not have access to the video in this course:  https://youtu.be/bmM5rdJVhrw