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Session 1-4: Design Phase Checklist

It’s time to introduce you to the eMA Bootcamp Game Changing Checklists. You hold the keys to success in walking through the project checklist, step-by-step.

The unique checklists were built on 25 years of managing successful eLearning projects. My team has used this training industry award-winning system to created hundreds of hours of eLearning, on-time and on-budget.

Now we are sharing our success secrets with you.


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Download and store the files in the eMA Bootcamp folder for quick reference.

> 1-4 eMA Design Phase Checklist  (Word)

What are SWAG Bids?
SWAG Bids = Silly Wild A$$ Guesses that artificially inflate the cost of most eLearning projects.

SWAG bids take advantage of inexperienced project managers who don’t know what they are doing and invariably cause a bunch of re-work. To cover for extra hours agencies puff up bids by adding thousands of extra dollars to ensure they still make a profit. Can you blame them? But you don’t have to pay for SWAG, now that you know how to avoid it.

How do you stop SWAG Bids? It’s easy… We recommend and show you how to start by using a two-contract system. This is just working smarter, not harder. (It’s common sense in action.) Put our Best Practices to work on your Day One.