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1-6A: Prepare Timeline & Milestones

Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work in the Session 1-6 series. We will examine the Tasks and Activities that you and the Sr. Instructional Designer will be completing together, culminating in the creation of the four key project documents to guide the  Development and Deployment phases.

These documents are:
Timeline & Milestones: Project resource tracking spread sheet
Statement of Work (SOW):  Bid requirements for Dev / Deploy
Project Plan: Presented to Supervisor and Champion
Course Outline: Team Blueprint for Lesson Content

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Let’s examine the Timeline & MIlestones (T&M) Excel spreadsheet for project tracking. This is the MOST IMPORTANT document you will create.  Time is money.  The ready-to-fill T&M template will literally save you over a day’s work in preparation of project resource tracking (people, hours and cost).  NOTE: We recently used this exact template to quickly build a project bid within a couple hours! This is a powerful template.

We have created two videos to acquaint you with T&M features:
• T&M Case Study: How we used the T&M spreadsheet for a bid
• T&M Template Review: Tips for using the T&M blank template
Notice that checklist tasks and activities are embedded in the T&M spreadsheet.

Download and store the file in the eMA Bootcamp desktop folder on your desktop

Timeline & Milestones Template  (Excel)