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Session 2-1: Development Phase Checklist

The Development Phase is the most labor intensive phase of the project.

This is also the phase in which many projects get off-track quickly. Follow the checklist, use our proven strategies and meet budget and launch goals. This session includes the game changing Development Phase Checklist which contains the most project tasks and activities.

You will be relying upon the Instructional Designer to create the PowerPoint Template Strategy. Set up the PowerPoint template according to your company policy (if there is one) and based upon information or examples provided from the Design phase.

Recommendation: If there is an appropriate eLearning template suggested from either the Marketing or Training department, use it. Do not waste time and recreate the wheel.

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Download and store the files in the eMA Bootcamp desktop folder for quick reference.

Suggestion: Print the checklist so you can take notes as we work through each task and activity together.  When listening to a session feel free to stop, start and replay as needed.  If you have a question, email customer service so we can address at the next Weekly Q/A Coaching Call.

> 2-1-Development-Checklist (Word)