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Session 2-4: Content Control

This is a critical juncture in the project.  At this point, the Project Manager and Instructional Designer must draw a line in the sand and do not accept anymore new content. Why is this important? The project timelines and budget has already been set.  Any new content that was not scheduled to be created should be considered out of scope on this project.

As the Project Manager, you need to learn how to say NO.
But in reality, there are sometimes you cannot say NO, especially if office politics is involved. If you do not feel comfortable saying NO to someone who is above your pay grade or out of your department, tell them you will get back to them and let them know you need authorization to proceed. Always go to to your Supervisor for advice in these cases.

DO NOT PROCEED until Legal Review has reviewed, approved, and returned the content corrections back to you.  When you leave the materials with them, attempt to negotiate a timeline of five business days if possible.  Remember that these people are extremely busy, you are at their mercy as to when they will take the time to review and get back to you.

Remember to mention what percentage of the content was derived from already approved and reviewed content: such as marketing or engineering specs, graphics and company logos. This will help to speed up the review process.

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