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Session 2-6: Audio Narration

In this session there are seven critical activities related to creating Audio Narration.

To help you quickly decide which type of audio to use, download the Audio Narration Selection Matrix. Work with the Instructional Designer to determine the best method to create, edit and compile audio narration based upon your budget, time frame, and available resources.

This is also the time to make a decision whether to choose to add a music background during the entire training lesson. You will need to have copyright free music. Your Sr. Instructional Designer will know how to handle this issue with the content developer.

NOTE: Do not have the audio narrator play the background music in their recordings, The music will be added later by the Content Developer when compiling the lesson in the multimedia editor.

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Download and store the files in the eMA Bootcamp desktop folder for quick reference.

> Audio Narration Selection (PDF)