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eMA Bootcamp Author | Sr. Instructional Designer

V. Karen MIller, M.Ed. is an award-winning instructional designer and global training leader.  Karen leads the Design2Train team and manages all client engagement projects.  Karen earned her master’s degree from Texas A&M University in Educational Technology.  Get to know more about > www.Design2Train.com 

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Email: Miller@Design2Train.com

Phone: 281-543-1692
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Drew Davis

Facilitator | Specialty: Energy & Oilfield Operations – Houston area

Drew Davis
has significant experience in Drilling Operations,Operational Performance, and superior Customer Service; driving growth, building solid teams, implementing corporate guidelines and strategic initiatives. Cultivates a strong safety culture and optimizes the respective strengths of all resources.

Drew possesses significant international experience having led teams in North America and South America. Recognized for troubleshooting and enhancing under performing capital assets, and for heightening supervisory and technical expertise to ensure contracts’ compliance and appreciated customer service. Known for excellent communication skills. Drew served as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve Corps of Engineers.

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Email: DDavis@eMABootcamp.com

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