The Design Phase is when the senior management team is formed.  While you most likely have been selected by your supervisor to head the eLearning project, in reality you need someone who has more corporate clout to engage people from other departments or divisions to serve as project team members.  Learn how to build your Sr. Management Team and engage them throughout the process to help keep the project on-track.  

The session on senior management involvement gives you insight into working within your corporate culture. 
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The eMA Bootcamp coaching system was designed to mentor non-training corporate professionals and business owners to deliver business critical eLearning programs.

eMA Bootcamp  provides a complete turn-key program based upon our 25 years of eLearning best practices.  We teach you how to make good decisions and provide you with all of the tools you need to make it happen. Follow the easy-to-use system and save up to 50% time-on-task and 50% savings on production costs on your FIRST project.

Get started today. Keep your sanity, manage your project along with your REAL job, without giving up precious weekends.  In just two short Quick Start sessions get the knowledge and confidence (along with key management tools) that you need to complete the critical Design Phase.  Interested?  > Click here to learn more