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eLearning Management Academy (eMA Bootcamp)
Created for Professionals Tasked with Online Training

Delivering eLearning Projects
Just Got Way Easier



The unique Nine-Step Plan offers a clear path to navigate your eLearning project management success from concept to launch.  This graphic represents four phases (Design, Development of Content, Audio/Video Production, and Deployment.  Within these nine steps are over 50 Tasks and 150 Activities to complete a typical eLearning project. No wonder so many projects fail! 

eMA Bootcamp is structured yet flexible, allowing you to choose the project team structure (mix of internal staff and external consultants), courseware development tools, and the preferred learning management platform. 

eMA Bootcamp Mastermind Accelerated Action Consulting program offers maximum coaching and personalized help to get your project started quickly and on the right path. Then you get coaching through the 9-step plan to ensure everything is addressed. 

Watch this video on the 9-Step Plan
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