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If You Have Never Delivered an eLearning Project, The Problem is..
You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know.

It can be a difficult career situation when your boss gives you an eLearning project. You feel like you can’t say NO, but in your mind, you are thinking: 
> How am I going to do this?
> Can I still get my REAL job done?
”  Can you relate?

On the positive side:  You are excited about a new assignment to be chosen to lead a company initiative as knowledgeable leader.

But then you get that sinking feeling, you’ve NEVER put together real training, much less an eLearning program. Let’s face it, have you found that sometimes using PowerPoint is a challenge?  

Houston, we have a problem!

Back at your desk you start formulating some kind of action plan.
Who can or will help me in my department?
I wonder if the training department can spare someone to help me?
If I need to outsource, what kinds of training people should I hire?

Your head starts spinning with ideas and then those nagging what if” scenarios become INFORMATION OVERLOAD. You are suddenly on OVERWHELM and… the project hasn’t even started.

STOP! What you are feeling is normal.  It’s not your fault.  But…
If you think you can just “wing it”, sadly you could end up in a situation like Mike.

Even Instructional Designers Have Issues with eLearning
I recently got a call from Mike, a training developer (with some eLearning experience) whom I have known for several years. 

Mike sounded upset on the phone because he was afraid he was going to get fired. I was concerned and asked him for details. Mike said it had all started when his boss gave him an assignment to convert a week-long classroom facilitated course into an eLearning program. 

It had been awhile since Mike had worked on an eLearning project.  But he forged ahead and put together a Statement of Work (SOW) document, knowing he needed outside help.  He thought that preparing a simple SOW would generate easy responses to quickly review and get the project going, WOW, WAS HE WRONG!  Mike took three days to sort through all of the responses and make a final decision. Then it took almost two weeks to get the final contract completed, since Mike had forgotten some of steps in setting up vendors. The project was behind before it started!

The project finally got going, but within a couple weeks, it went completely OFF THE RAILS. And then sadly… Mike could never seem to get it back in control. What should have been a simple project turned into a very PAINFUL…  NEVER ENDING REVIEW CYCLE, that was finally delivered… LATE.  Mike was feeling defeated, embarrassed and just worn out. 

I asked Mike to recall the major project issues. Mike told me upfront that he didn’t have senior management support when he needed extra help from other departments. Since he was working with people didn’t report to him, they had no interest in meeting his deadlines.  

Then he had to deal with a field-manager, who disrupted the ENTIRE project and causing Mike to re-do the content TWO EXTRA TIMES. Mike felt powerless to complain since the field manager out-ranked him. 

BUT THE WORST PAIN WAS…when the contractor’s final invoice ended up being 3X more than the original bid.  The out-of-control project totally blew through the rest of Mike’s entire training budget FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.  Since the contract was not written a firm-fixed bid, Mike was on the hook for paying the entire invoice. Needless to say, Mike’s boss was NOT HAPPY.

I asked, “Mike how long has it been since you developed an eLearning project?”  He told me it had been almost three years and quite frankly he had been scrambling to try to remember all of the steps. 

Then he said, “I didn’t have anyone at work that understood how to manage an eLearning project. And I didn’t feel confident just telling them what to do.  I just wish I had a checklist to follow from Day One and the ability to call someone when I got stuck. It would have helped me keep on track.” 

Then Mike’s comments HIT ME LIKE A LIGHTENING BOLT. Mike’s project grief was the same PAIN my non-training clients experienced.  What you don’t know or can’t remember can come back to bite you! 

How do you tame the eLearning project beast? 

Gain the Knowledge and Confidence
You Need to Succeed

Introducing…. (Drumroll Please)

eLearning Management Academy (eMA) Bootcamp

A Proven Step-by-Step System That Works. 

Meet the eMA Bootcamp Author

Howdy! My name is V. Karen Miller, M.Ed.  I am a third-generation educator with a PASSION for teaching with technology. I have 25+ years of creating eLearning for corporate and federal/state agencies. I earned my master’s degree in Educational Technology from Texas A&M University. (Whoop!)

My corporate teams have earned eLearning recognition from ASTD and ISPI.  In fact, one of our programs touched 300K+ people globally, saved over $250K in costs in one year, AND earned our reputation for delivering training on-time, every time.

My experience with national and global eLearning programs is diverse: tech manufacturing, software development, online K12 communities, aircraft safety systems, insurance, airport stormwater, and mortgage servicing.

As an adjunct professor, I enjoyed teaching  hundreds of graduate students at National Uni. and Chapman Uni. (Sacramento, CA) and the Uni. of Phoenix (Online) in: Instructional Design, Assessment & Evaluation, and Distance Learning Systems.

In 2001, I fulfilled my lifetime dream and founded Design2Train, a full-service instructional design agency. We specialize in producing eLearning and digital media products for federal agencies and corporations.

Why Choose eMA Bootcamp?

eMA Bootcamp is Built on a Different Set of Rules. 
We created this Structured Program to be as Flexible as Possible.
It is different from any other eLearning management program you will see because:

  • eMA Bootcamp is Written from YOUR Perspective

    If you are like 90% of our clients, your real life job is probably: Product Manager, Sales Manager, HSE Manager, Program Manager, SME or even Business Owner.

    For purposes of this program you’re the eLearning Project Manager.  Wear the title proudly!
  • eMA Bootcamp offers Freedom of Choice

    We do not require you to use a specific courseware development tool or learning management system (LMS).  Feel free to use ANY Tools to create and host your training program. In fact we use PowerPoint to create over 90% of our programs, and then compile in Camtasia.

    Want to see the tools we use and recommend, take a look in the Resource Library.
  • Checklists and Templates are Built in MSOffice 365 Tools

    Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are universal tools that you already know how to use. Make it easy for SMEs to review / approval and remove as many barriers as possible.

    Standardized tools save money. We use PowerPoint as a storyboard and content development tool. Then we add audio and in one-click compile into a MP4 video format.
  • eMA Bootcamp System is Structured AND Flexible 

    The system can be used with all types of teams: internal staff, external consultants or a mixture of both. Bootcamp will work for you.

    Confidently build your project requirements using our guided instruction.
  • Cost Effective Because it’s Re-Usable

    When you purchase the system, you have the license to make copies for your immediate team on your first or future projects.The license is issued in your name, it stays with you.

    If others want to manage projects, we request they purchase their own copies to stay within the license agreement.  Thanks in advance for honoring our product copyright integrity.

What Do You Get?

eMA Bootcamp is a COMPLETE program containing EVERYTHING YOU NEED to confidently MANAGE an eLearning project from concept to completion.

By following the Bootcamp process, you can save up to 50% in Staff Time-on-Task (SMEs will love you) AND Lower Production Costs (your Boss will love you). It’s easy to accomplish with the super detailed Phase Checklists and the task / activity infused Timeline & Milestones.

eMA Bootcamp includes a variety of Instructional Tools and Mentoring including:
•  Guided Core Instruction: Unlimited Access to LIVE Webinars and Self-Paced Training
•  Quick Start Optionfor super-quick Design Phase implementation
•  Personal Kickoff Coaching Call: to get started right
•  Weekly Q/A Calls:
Get Mentoring Tips and Answers to Your Questions
•  Game Changing Checklists: Step-by-Step 50+ Tasks and 150+ Activities 
•  Project Templates: Timeline & Milestones, Statement of Work, Project Plan, Course Outline
•  MSOffice 365 Templates:  Stakeholder Interviews, Project Emails, Checklists
•  Resource Library: Access our Million Dollar Rolodex of Tools and Tips

*** If you don’t have an an experienced eLearning Sr. Instructional Designer in-house, we highly RECOMMEND that hire a consultant for your first eLearning project. Together You will Achieve Success. 

Start building your own internal bench strength for future projects. Request the Sr. Instructional Designer serve as a MENTOR to your internal instructional designers, so they can lead the next eLearning project. 

eMA Bootcamp Bonuses

eMA Bootcamp (Bronze eMA Bootcamp) includes GREAT BONUSES ($1,850 value) 

•  Personal Coaching Call: 1/2 HR ($150 value)
•  Critique of T&M OR SOW + Coaching Call: 2 HRS ($500 value)
•  Course Certificate
•  Earn 6 HRS Professional Development Credit
•  3 Month Unlimited Access: eMA Bootcamp ($600 value)
•  3 Month Unlimited Access: Resource Library, Weekly Q/A Coaching Calls  ($600 value)


“Design2Train has provided invaluable support to several of my commercial airport and Transportation Research Board aviation projects, with services that included design, development, and deployment of a variety of web-based training courses and related materials.

What has impressed me most about working with Karen is her ability to apply her expertise in training and eLearning principles and tools to a wide range of technical topics for which she has no previous experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Design2Train to others with similar training needs.”

Dean Mericas, Ph.D.
Senior Aviation Consultant – Mead & Hunt, Inc.

Praise for eMA Bootcamp

Outstanding program – will be a key element in getting your e-learning program off the ground successfully and avoiding a false start.  The Boot Camp was a fully integrated learning experience that provided a comprehensive package of processes, tools and tips along with on-going support and group forums”.
– Sonya Hohm, Healthcare Educator (former client)

Avoid Embarrassing Costly Newbie Mistakes 

P.S. We believe the skills you attain from the eMA Bootcamp may increase your status and even earn you a red cape as a Company Hero.

Especially when you deliver your first eLearning project on-time and on-budget. Then you keep repeating project success over and over again.

We look forward to hearing about your success.
V Karen Miller and the eMA Bootcamp Team