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My name is V. Karen Miller,  I have  25+ years of  creating custom eLearning programs. As a corporate training leader, my teams have earned national recognition from ASTD and ISPI for excellence in eLearning.  Our programs touched 300,000+ people globally, saved $250K in production costs (first year), plus we delivered training on-time – every time.

I am a third-generation educator and have a PASSION for teaching with technology. I earned my master’s degree in Educational Technology from Texas A&M University and have been creating training professionally ever since. I have a varied background in working in many types of tech-driven corporations: high tech manufacturing, online K12 communities, online library, transportation, insurance, and mortgage servicing.

As an adjunct graduate professor at National and Chapman Universities (Sacramento, CA) I taught over 250 students of which 25 went on to become tech directors at their K12 school districts.  When teaching at the Uni. of Phoenix Online Graduate School I taught adult students worldwide in Instructional Design, Assessment & Evaluation, and Distance Learning Systems.

Yes, my life’s work is about developing training and teaching others. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

I worked as a corporate Instructional Designer in these companies to manage training programs.
(FAA Federal Contractor – Mike Monroney Center in Oklahoma City)

Since founding Design2Train, an instructional design and digital media company in 2001, my teams have created all types of custom eLearning projects.  Some of our clients and projects have included:

• National Sales Manager, Bayer Material Sciences
Spray Foam Insulation Applicator 8-hours of chemical safety training

• Environmental Engineer Consultants, Mead & Hunt
Design / build ACRP website Airport Stormwater Management Library & Training Materials with 5-hours self-paced training

 Engineering Project Manager, Baker Hughes
Comprehensive on-board training for Blue Orca (stimulation vessel) ship systems, proprietary software command center, drilling equipment, fluids lab testing, preventative maintenance, and safety information

• Airport Director, Wayne County Airport Authority 
SWPPP airport environmental staff and airport tenant eLearning

• Health Care Sales Managers, (McKesson) US Oncology
Conversion of 40-hours of Cancer Care classroom sales training  to eLearning

Risk Assessment Manager,  Texas Tech University
Conversion of Fifteen Passenger Van Safety classroom into eLearning safety training

Engineering Program Managers, TransOcean
Conversion of 40-hour classroom  Proprietary Rig Asset Management and Preventative Maintenance Scheduling into eLearning delivered worldwide to150 ocean drilling rig platforms

We could go on,  but Did You Observe Who We Worked With?  Look at their titles. They were all professionals whose primary role was to MANAGE or SELL, none had a Training Title nor any eLearning management experience. But we worked with each client to deliver eLearning on-time and on-budget.

In reality…even though Design2Train was hired to create training, we always ended up spending extra non-billable time educating clients on how to manage their eLearning projects. I developed a process that worked for corporations,  it was time to put a NEW PROCESS in place for our new prospective clients!

Some of Design2Train eLearning clients include:

Then, it suddenly all came together, when I got a call from Mike, a training developer with eLearning experience. He was hired by a oilfield safety company five years ago to develop classroom training. When he called, I was kind of shocked.

Mike was concerned he might be in the job market soon. Earlier this year, he had been tasked to create a rather simple 8-hour eLearning program which not managed correctly grew into a PAINFUL… NEVER ENDING PROJECT.  

Mike recalled all that had gone wrong, starting with not having senior management support, not a clear course vision, and having to deal with another manager who succeeded in disrupting the entire project into a different direction.

It was bad enough, when he had to re-do the entire project THREE TIMES, even though the content had been previously reviewed and approved. The project was delivered a couple months late BUT THE WORST PART WAS WHEN …

The final contractor invoice was three times higher than the original bid.  This whacky out of control project totally blew through the rest of his training budget FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR.  Since the contract was not a firm-fixed bid, Mike was on the hook for paying an invoice THREE TIMES the amount of the original bill. His boss was NOT happy.

I asked, “Mike how long has it been since your last eLearning project?”  He told me it had been almost three years since he created an eLearning project and quite frankly he had been scrambling to remember all of the steps involved which only made matters worse.

THEN IT SUDDENLY HIT ME LIKE A LIGHTENING BOLT. The issue causing Mike’s grief was the same PAIN and FEAR my corporate non-training clients were experiencing.  How do you tame the eLearning project beast?  YOU NEED A PROVEN SYSTEM.

Delivering an eLearning project is like baking a cake.
Unless you follow the recipe,
it’s not going to be a cake when you get done.

eLearning Projects are Complex and Messy.
Like Herding Cats.

Unless you have a step-by-step process to follow, it’s almost impossible to get a project completed on-time or on-budget. There are just too many things happening at once, with tasks to be completed in a specific order, and lots of people contributing their part to get done on-time BEFORE proceeding to the Next Step.

For clarification, I am not talking about a little 15-minute animated video that teaches one simple concept.  I am talking about developing a real engaging TRAINING PROGRAM that covers 1-5 days (or more) of intense instruction. 

Let’s face it… if this is your first eLearning project, you don’t know what you don’t know

If you create eLearning occasionally, it’s easy to forget everything you need to remember!

We Take the Worry Out of eLearning

Take a deep breath and Relax.
Get Your Mojo Back.

Find Out Exactly What to Do NOW
to successfully manage your pending eLearning project

Introducing… eLearning Management Academy
(eMA) Bootcamp

This unique Masterclass program is based on 25+ years of successfully working with clients. The eMA Bootcamp system is easy-to-follow and If you implement the entire program, we guarantee you will save time and money, even on your first project.

Once you have produced your first eLearning program, you can re-use the system and templates, over and over again for continued future eLearning success and savings. 

More GOOD News.

Get started TODAY with the eMA Bootcamp Quick Start method.

What is the Quick Start Method? It’s the same information, but you invest about an hour of focusing ONLY on getting the Design Phase completed first.  View the guided instruction, download and create the FOUR KEY Design Phase documents using the ready-to-use templates.

While you are waiting for the training bids to come in, you can go ahead and review the rest of the Development and Deployment guided instruction to get prepared for completing the project. Same program, just let’s you get started faster.

What is included in the eMA Bootcamp program?

Design Phase: Key Tasks and Activities
• How to setup a senior management team to run interference when needed
• How to choose the best subject matter experts (SMEs)
• Why you need an eLearning Sr. Instructional Designer as a tag-team member
• What tasks and activities (in order) are needed to complete the all phases
• Identifying stakeholders and contributors
• Which stakeholders you need to interview for critical project input
• What department to get on-board and receive their approval before releasing any products
• Who is involved in the Stakeholder Kickoff Meeting and what is your agenda
• What four key documents must be prepared and distributed in the Design Phase
• Why you need to separate the Design Phase from the other Phases

= = =
Then in the Development Phase, which is the most time-intensive project phase, you will get guided instruction on the best way to create content, get it reviewed/approved, and enhanced with audio and video segments.

Development Phase: Key Tasks and Activities
Manage the content development from lesson concept to completion
• Select the best content developers, audio narrators and videographers
• Choose the most appropriate audio narrator for your project
• Who should be present at video script writing and video shoots
• Use the “one-touch method” to save production time and money
• Which department you MUST include for approval or risk potential liability
• Finalize program content and prepare content for launch

Deployment Phase: Key Tasks and Activities
• Manage content deployment to ensure the training program works
• Final quiz SCORM integration so learners get credited for course
• Celebrate your team’s success
• De-brief and Wrap-up the project correctly

You get the complete package with all of those hidden tips and tricks to actually sit in the driver’s seat and direct the team members to create the best training possible, while you oversee the entire process with all of the tools you need to succeed. Your supervisor will be impressed with your attention to detail throughout the entire project.

LIVE Remote
Desktop Webinar

Self-Paced Training 24×7

Avoid Embarrassing Costly Newbie Mistakes 

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Lots of Resources

  • Guided Instruction (LIVE & Self-Paced)
  • Ready-to-Use Checklists
  • Time saving Fill-in Templates
  • Six Hours CPE Credit (TX Ed Agency)
  • Resource Library (Tools and Tips)
  • Weekly Q/A Calls (Live and Archived)
  • Coaching Calls
  • 1-Hour Quick Start Program (option)
  • Extra Help with Valuable Bonuses

Guided Instruction

Over THREE Plus hours of guided instruction. Review as needed during your membership.

MSOffice 365 Templates

All checklists & templates are created in MSOffice 365, tools you have and know how to use.

Design Phase Docs

Save hours on creating Design Phase documents

Game Changing Checklists

eLearning management is complex. Detailed checklists make it manageable for 50+ tasks & 150+ activities. No more guessing.

Bonus Case Studies

With over 25+ experience, we share relevant case studies in Weekly Q/A Calls.

Quit Overpaying

Write a better Statement of Work. Stop overpaying on SWAG eLearning bids. Use our two-contract system. Become an eLearning project BOSS.

Weekly Q/A Calls

Get your questions answered, learn more tips. Listen live or from archives.

Schedule Coaching Calls

Need a quick answer or advice? Schedule a coaching call.

Become an eLearning
Project Boss

Let’s face it, if you are at this point, you have to deliver an eLearning project and the clock is ticking.

Knowing how to manage an eLearning project, with confidence, can be incredibly valuable to your career.  Imagine how great it will feel to start the project with a plan in place? Or if you are currently stuck in an eLearning mess, get un-stuck quickly and back on track. 

Bootcamp is based upon over 25 years of experience in creating all types of eLearning projects for Fortune 100 corporations, universities, and federal / state agencies. The process is proven.  Get started today.

“My team was building Design docs together
in the afternoon Bootcamp session”

Some companies choose to signup as a TEAM.  The Bootcamp TEAM program includes a two-hour overview of the Bootcamp process. Then in the afternoon, we hold a three-hour work session to start work on the four critical Design Phase documents. This is a great way to get projects started the right way from Day One.

After the workshop, when the documents are complete, setup a review / critique phone call to review your final versions of the Statement of Work and Timeline & Milestones.  Then your team is ready to submit the Statement of Work for bids.

Time to Take Action.

If you are serious, quit wasting time staring at a black paper. Before you invest one dollar, setup a free Discovery Call. 

In your phone appointment, rest assured “the cone of silence” is in effect, our conversation will be strictly confidential. Your information is not shared and we are even prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement if needed.  

Click the link to access my personal calendar to speak with me, V Karen Miler, the Bootcamp author. 

Connect with me on Linkedin.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.

V. Karen MIller, M.Ed.