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Don't Get Stuck In Never-Ending Review Cycles

How did Bootcamp get started?

Over the years we’ve observed very competent project managers struggling with delivering eLearning projects. Why? Because they were given absolutely NO guidance or project process template on how to get it done. 

Until now, there just wasn’t a comprehensive program on teaching how to MANAGE a real eLearning project.  Colleges courses take months and focus on theory. Training companies are aligned with specific products OR are just not willing to share their trade secrets. 

We have disrupted the system in your favor. The unique eMA Bootcamp curriculum is based upon our proven nine-step process. You are not going to get this information anywhere else. eMA Bootcamp does not advocate specific course development tools or LMS platforms, so it is very flexible to meet your specific organizational needs. 

Get the confidence and skills you need to successfully manage eLearning projects from Day One.

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Don’t Get Stuck In Never-Ending Review Cycles

eMA Bootcamp includes…

Attend in three ways:
Live Facilitated Classroom (Project Teams)
Live Desktop Group Webinar
• Self-paced eLearning

Project Management Tools:
Game changing Detailed Checklists
• Ready-to-fill template for Course Plan (Word)
• Super-Detailed Template for Timeline / Milestones (Excel)

Unlimited Three Month Access:
• Live Group Webinar or Self-Paced eLearning
• FAQs
• Resource Library
• Weekly Q/A Coaching Calls (live and archived)

Additional Resource Options:
• Personal Coaching Calls 
• Design2Train Agency Services

Questions?  Let’s Talk > Schedule a Discovery Call

Three Phase - Nine Step Process

Preparing Project Plan

Game Changing Checklists

Audio Narration Selection

Managing Video Production

Avoid the Costly Embarrassment of Newbie Mistakes

Avoid the Costly Embarrassment of Newbie Mistakes

Avoid the Costly Embarrassment of Newbie Mistakes