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Managing eLearning Projects Just Got Easier

“Get All the Training and Support You Need to Succeed to Deliver Business Critical eLearning On-Schedule and Budget With Confidence”

This Program was Especially Created for Professionals With or Without a Training Background. Learn how to tag-team the management process with an experienced Instructional Designer to design, develop, and deliver your project on-time and budget.  

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Your Keys to Success

No matter your current skill or confidence level on the topic of eLearning Project Management, we are ready to hand over the keys for your success.

eMA Bootcamp Your Keys to Success

Howdy, I’m V Karen Miller, founder of the eLearning Management Academy (eMA).  eMA Bootcamp was created from my personal experience leading global / national corporate training development teams for over 12 years.  I have led USA-based training teams with my instructional design agency, Design2Train since 2001.

We work with all types of professional managers (HR, technical or safety training, engineers, sales, marketing, and manufacturing). My teams have delivered hundreds of hours of eLearning courses and have personally managed $2.2+ Million in state/federal training contracts for the DOT, ACRP, FAA, and USDA.   

With eMA Bootcamp, we share our award-winning project management strategies with you. Remember, our team is here to support you along the journey.

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