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Start Managing eLearning from Day One – Build Your Success Roadmap

Are you tasked with creating an eLearning project, but you have absolutely no training development background?  Here’s how to gain confident and be on track from Day One.

An eLearning project has three phases: design, develop and deploy.  Get the design phase completed properly and most other project issues just seem to disappear.

Which statement best describes your current eLearning development skills?

  • Clueless and Struggling: I was assigned with my first eLearning project and I just don’t know where to start
  • Cautious and Fearful: I am suffering from a bad previous eLearning failure, or current project delays
    and an I have an overall fear of failure
  • Ready and Capable: I have created small eLearning projects but don’t really have a process in place
  • Fearless: I am consistently delivering high quality eLearning projects on-time and budget

No matter what your skill level is now, we have a process to help you more forward while gaining knowledge, confident and skills at eLearning project management. Here are some valuable tips:

Quit Wasting Time, Get Help
Get an eLearning system in place. This means you will be starting off right the first day by following a proven process and not wasting your evenings and weekends trying to put it together by yourself.  Get help, get the right tools and guidance through your first project. Then you are prepared to take on other eLearning opportunities with confidence and skills.

Quit Trying to Reinvent the Wheel
Locate and follow an easy-to-use system that includes checklists, templates, video instruction, private coaching calls and a plan that is already mapped out, so all you need to do is fill in the details.  No, creating eLearning is not rocket-science, but if you are not prepared to actually create the training – leave that to the professionals.  Get back your schedule to do your REAL JOB and manage the eLearning project. When you are back to managing, you regain your time after work or on the weekends for what you want to do, and not babysitting an eLearning project with a never-ending review cycle.

Deliver On-Time and Save the Embarrassment of Newbie Mistakes
Think how much happier your supervisor would be if you could deliver upon your eLearning project on-time and save up to 50% in staff time-on-task as well as production costs.  Put a proven process in place to transparently show resource utilization and project process easily.


Learn How to Choose the Right People
Make better selections for team roles and responsibilities.  Learn how to choose the best subject matter experts (SMEs) to locate the best content. Learn to interface with important departments who you are dependent upon for project launch. Be prepared for important interviews with pre-done questions to gather the right information.  Learn how to stay in your management and leadership role to make the project flow smoothly.

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