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Tasked with eLearning?

Get The Ready-To-Use System Created For Non-Training Professionals.

Everything You Need to Succeed. Period.


The eMA Bootcamp offers EVERYTHING YOU NEED from concept to completion – customized to your project. Follow the system and launch your eLearning project on-time, reduce staff time-on-task, AND save up to 50% on production costs.  

Yes, we’re talking success on your first project. Ready to confidently lead the project, get back to your REAL JOB and regain your weekends? Interested?  Keep reading…

Is Bootcamp Right for You?
Yes or No, It’s That Simple.

If…you want to learn how to be a course developer? NO.
Bootcamp prepares you to manage eLearning projects.  We offer a separate eLearning development course.

If…you are tasked with an eLearning project, but don’t have a training development background? 
YES, Bootcamp is a great career investment.

If…you need to use Existing and Standard Company Tools? 
YES, Use any development tool and learning management system. We teach the PROCESS. 

If…you want an Easy-to-Use System
YES, Get started today. Confidently complete your project and all future projects, just “rinse and repeat”.

If… you are nervous or have a fear of failure? 
… you are at the Right Place, 
please keep reading.

Use a System.
Achieve Success.

Managing an eLearning Project can just be overwhelming. Sadly,we have observed unsuccessful projects can become career-ending. Have you started to worry about how to…
• Manage People In & Outside Your Department
• Choose SMEs and Consultants
• Meet SCORM Compliance? What is SCORM?
• Sequence Tasks 
• Hold Productive Status Meetings
• Stop Costly Endless Review Cycle
Stay on Budget & 
Meet Milestones 

Keeping Your Sanity and Your Job!

So how do you accomplish this? You need a system.
We have one that works. Check it out.

Quit Guessing.
Here’s the 9-Step Plan

Represents 50+ Tasts and 150+ Activities

The nine-step plan helps you to MANAGE:
• Inputs and people
• Technology tools, techniques,
   process leading to…

• Effective training outcomes

Follow the system, keep weekends work-free.
Earn a red cape as a eLearning Hero. 

It’s a Team Effort.
We’ve Got You Covered


STOP staring at that blank sheet of paper.
eMA Bootcamp is the roadmap to success. It’s easy to implement.
Your project is mapped out, now just provide the details.

We’ve done the heaving lifting. Get Started Today.
Save  time, money and actually deliver a 8 HR project within 60 days.

Yes, it’s possible. 

eMA Bootcamp is Offered LIVE and Self-Paced

Get a professional level course in a condensed format to put into action quickly.

On-Site Facilitated Team Training

LIVE Remote Quick Start 
Desktop Webinars

Self-Paced Training 24×7

Lots of Resources

  • Guided LIVE and video Instruction 
  • Game-changing Detailed Checklists
  • Ready to Fill-in Templates
  • Six Hours CPE Credit
  • Resource Library 
  • Weekly Q/A Coaching Calls 
  • Private Coaching 
  • Get Going FAST with Quick Start

Guided Instruction

Over FOUR hours of guided instruction

MSOffice 365 Templates

Checklists & templates created in MSOffice 365, tools you have and use

Game Changing Checklists

Get control with Checklists to id / track 50+ tasks & 150+ activities. No more guessing.

Design Phase Docs

Quickly create Design Phase key docs with templates.

Bonus Case Studies

We share relevant case studies in the Weekly Q/A Coaching Calls.

Stop SWAG Bids

Save 50% with better SOW and a two-contract system to BOSS eLearning.

Weekly Q/A Calls

Get project specific questions answered. Listen live or from the library archives.

Schedule Coaching Calls

Need advice? Schedule coaching call

Avoid Embarrassing Costly Newbie Mistakes 

Estimated Return-On-Investment $5K – $25K
(First Project – Example: Minimum of 6-8 Hrs Instruction) 

Keep Saving on All Future Projects